The Piano Studio Policies

   Tuition, Lesson/Class Times, and Performances



Payment information must be provided during the student’s consultation (Meet and Greet) or during the student’s first lesson. Any changes to payment information must be provided before the processing of the next month’s tuition. Tuition is processed during the first week of each month. Processing time may vary depending on credit and banking services. Tuition paid by cash, check, or other is due on the first regularly scheduled lesson of each month. Fees may be applied to tuition paid later than the due date(s).


Monthly Tuition Rates:

Private Instruction (30 minutes)                          $120 (4 weeks) or $150 (5 weeks)

Private Instruction (1 hour)                                 $220 (4 weeks) or $275 (5 weeks)

Private Group Instruction (30 minutes)               $140 (4 weeks) or $175 (5 weeks)

Private Group Instruction (1 hour)                      $240 (4 weeks) or $300 (5 weeks)

Class Instruction (1 hour)                                   $110 (flat-rate)

Private Mobile Instruction (30 minutes)              $240 (4 weeks) or $285 (5 weeks)

Private Mobile Instruction (1 hour)                     $340 (4 weeks) or $425 (5 weeks)


Tuition rates may vary depending on private instructor or time of enrollment. Any deviation from the standard monthly tuition rates should be stated upon signing of these policies. Tuition rates are subject to change following a 30-day advanced notice from The Piano Studio. The Piano Studio reserves the right to discontinue services due to late payment(s), insufficient payments, and/or failure to provide payment information.


Lesson and Class Times


A regular lesson time(s) should be established during the student’s consultation (Meet and Greet) or by phone/text/email following the consultation. Consultation time(s) do not establish regular lesson time(s) unless approved by the instructor. Changes to regular lesson times or scheduled make up lesson times must be approved by the instructor.

  • Late arrival to a lesson, regularly scheduled or otherwise, may result in a diminished overall lesson. If late arrival becomes a habit, student success may also be negatively affected. The Piano Studio does not provide additional time to students arriving late, however, instructors may provide additional time at their own expense.

  • Unattended lessons, regularly scheduled or otherwise, in which The Piano Studio and instructor are notified 12 hours or more in advance are eligible for a make up lesson/class. Instructors may choose to offer a make up lesson/class with a lesser advanced notice at their own expense. Unattended lessons in which The Piano Studio or instructor do not receive a notification within 12 hours are not eligible for a make up lesson/class and are considered a lost lesson.

  • Vacations that interrupt three or more lessons require the submission of a vacation notice form located at the front desk. The Piano Studio may offer make up lessons before or after a vacation, or in special cases offer a special vacation tuition rate.

  • Lessons cancelled by an instructor are eligible for a make up lesson or class if a substitute is not provided for the regularly scheduled lesson. If a substitute is present students are expected to attend their regularly scheduled lesson.

  • Make up lessons/classes are provided as an additional service for students who have missed a lesson(s) and are eligible for a make up. Make up classes are held on the second Sunday of each month for one hour and may be attended by students requiring a make up lesson. Private make up lessons may also be provided by the instructor. Make up lessons should be treated as regularly scheduled lessons in that they follow the same policies regarding late arrival and unattended lessons. Additional make up lessons cannot be offered by an instructor to a student if a make up lesson is unattended, and such cases must be deferred to managers of The Piano Studio.

  • To discontinue lessons, or put lessons on hold, The Piano Studio requires a written notification (or completion of a time change form) one month in advance of the last lesson. Lessons in the final month, or remainder of the month, will be subject to regular lesson policies and cannot be refunded if they are unattended. Additional fees/charges may be applied if The Piano Studio does not receive proper notification.

  • If lessons are placed on hold, clients may reserve a specific time/day with the payment of a $60 per month reservation fee. The reserved time slot will be made available to the previously on hold student upon their continuation of regular lessons. However, while lessons are on hold the reserved time slots may be used by instructors for other students or purposes. The Piano Studio and its instructors should be notified in advance if a student intends to return to lessons earlier or later than the originally agreed upon time frame. Additional fees/charges may be applied if The Piano Studio does not receive proper notification.

The Piano Studio does not offer full or partial tuition refunds due to late arrivals, unattended lessons/classes with or without notice, or unattended make up lessons/classes. Student success is heavily reliant on frequent and consistent instruction, and instructors count on students to be present for lessons each week as they prepare for lessons accordingly.




Performances are offered by The Piano Studio as both a teaching tool and an opportunity for students to share their musical abilities with the public and each other. These events range from small open mic shows to large ticketed events. Participation in these events is a crucial step in the development and progression of musicians.

  • Depending on the size of the event, attendants (including parents and family members) may need to purchase tickets. Student enrollment at the studio includes free passage to events held by The Piano Studio.

  • All students involved in live shows are required to attend scheduled rehearsals in the weeks leading up to a performance. Failure to attend rehearsals may result students being asked to not participate in an event.

  • All upcoming events are posted on


This document is intended to supply clients and students of The Piano Studio with answers regarding policies on tuition, lesson times and make ups, and performances. This does not include all studio policies but serves as a reference for frequently asked questions and represents an agreement between the studio and its guests. Feedback or questions may be directed to any of our staff for consideration and clarification. We appreciate your continued support in helping make The Piano Studio a great place to learn and grow!